Формовъчен гипс: за производствотто на калъпи, модели и изделия в порцелановата, керамичната и фаянсовата промишленост

Moulding plaster

This gypsum is used in the ceramic industry to produce working chambers for pottery, souvenir and sanitary ceramics, as well as for modeling.

Recommended ratio of gypsum / water-0.8 / 0.6

Wetting time - after the 10th minute

Maximum expansion - 0.23%

Pore volume - 57%

Mechanical health:
Bending strength - after 2 hours - 2.5N / mm2; after 7 days 4.6 N / mm2.
Clamping strength - ice 2 hours - 5N / mm2; after 7 days 11N / mm2.



We offer one of Saint Goben France's finest products to create high-quality mats for RAM presses where sustainability and porosity are of utmost importance. It is produced in Germany entirely from natural materials.

Keradur S4P

Preporŭchitelno sŭotnoshenie gips/voda-3:1
Vreme za vtŭrdyavane - 18-23 min.
Obem na pori – 21%
Mekhanichna yakost:
- Yakost na ogŭvane - 11,5MN/m2
- Yakost pri natisk - 43,6MN/m2
- Tvŭrdost po Brinnell 155 MN/m2
Sitov Analiz- +200 mikrona max 0.04%

Nachin na rabota

Temperaturata na gipsa i vodata tryabva da bŭde priblizitelno ednakva - v ramkite na 15-20oS. Gipsŭt se dobavya bavno kŭm tsyaloto kolichestvo voda i se izchakva okolo 2 minuti, za da ya poeme. Razbŭrkva s mikser, kato neobkhodimoto vreme zavisi ot oborotite na miksera i kolichestvoto gips (ot 6-12min). Preporŭchva se razbŭrkvane pod vakuum. Sled smesvane temperaturata na gipsa tryabva da bŭde izmerena. Sled tova se naliva matritsata. Neĭnata temperatura se izmerva sŭshto. Kogato tya se povishi s 6-8oS, zapochva podavane na vŭzdukh s tsel otpushvane na porite. Pŭrvonachalno nalyaganeto e 0,5bar i se uvelichava na vseki 30 sec s 0,5bar do dostigane na nalyagane ot 5 bar, kogato se zadŭrzha 30min do izsŭkhvane na matritsata. Sled tova se izchakva ne po-malko ot 12ch., za da se vtvŭrdi.

  • Razfasovka-25kg

Показване на още
Recommended gypsum / water ratio of 3: 1
Wetting Time - 18-23 min
Pore ​​volume - 21%
Mechanical strength:
- Bending strength - 11.5MN / m2
- Compressive strength - 43,6MN / m2
- Brinnell hardness 155 MN / m2
Sieve Analysis - +200 micron max 0.04%

How to work

The temperature of gypsum and water should be approximately the same - within 15-20oC. The gypsum is added slowly to the entire amount of water and is kept for about 2 minutes to take it. Stir with a mixer, depending on the amount of time the mixer turns and the amount of gypsum (6-12min). It is recommended to stir under vacuum. After mixing, the gypsum temperature must be measured. The matrix is ​​then poured. Its temperature is also measured. When it rises to 6-8 ° C, air is fed to release the pores. Initially, the pressure was 0.5 bar and increased every 30 seconds by 0.5 bar until a pressure of 5 bar was reached when it was held for 30 minutes until the matrix dried. Then wait no less than 12 hours to harden.

  • Packaging-25kg


All products are accompanied by the necessary documentation certifying their quality, characteristics and purpose.


Continuous quality control and chemical analysis from raw material to final product.


The raw materials and additives used in the production are entirely natural products.

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