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CERAMIT :: Model Gips
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Professional gypsum for ceramic Model Gips

  • Model Gips is a product of Saint-Gobain - France, founden in 1665. It is plaster based product from naturally occurring gypsum mineral, without aditives.This product is used in ceramic industry to produce working moulds for the slip casting of tableware or sanitaryware, as well as dor modelling.

  • Plaster / Water ratio: 1.35/1

  • Initial setting time - 8 -12 min.

  • Expansion - max. 0.23%

  • Capillary volume – 53%

  • Mechanical strength:
    Bending strength- after 2 hours - 2,5N/ mm2; after 7 days 4,6N/ mm2.
    Compressive strength- after 2 hours - 5N/ mm2; after 7 days 11N/ mm2.
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