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CERAMIT :: Ceramic masses, pigments, glazes
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Ceramit factory


+359 898 661 842
Address: Bulgaria, 4579 Bratzigovo,
1 Spukani poliani Str.
tel.: +359 898 661 842
+359 34 918 197
e-mail: office@ceramit.eu
www: www.ceramit.eu

Welcome to the site of Ceramit!

Ceramit EOOD (Limited Liability Private Company) was founded as a successor to the Botkeram company. In 1989, the activity of the company was registered in Sofia.

In the period 1989-2003, Ceramit company was one of the main producers and suppliers of pigments for many Bulgarian ceramics companies, including IZIDA.

The company has developed an elaborate variety of pigments and colour glazes, some of which contain frit less than 5% frit, sieve-printing pastes, etc.

Since 2003, the company Ceramit has been gradually increasing the production of ceramic masses and glazes. The company is orientated at producing materials for Art ceramic, such as plastic ceramic masses suitable for artists, potters, hobby, etc. Ceramit develops bit by bit and starts to produce other types of red and white shlickers, plastic masses, different kinds of engobes, colour glazes, etc.

At this moment we offers:

7 types casting ceramic masses (in liquid and dry form)
8 types plastic ceramic masses
over 50 kinds glazes
all kinds of basic pigments for glazes.

Our partnes are the biggest producers of souvenirs, hand-made and autotical pressed porcelain and ceramic glazes.

Ceramit is well equipped with modern machines and technology to meet the requirements of its customers for high quality products. The company is a proven leader on the Bulgarian market.
The company's capacity of producuction is more than 350 tones of masses and glazes per month distributed not only in Bulgaria but abroad as well.

The biggest recognition for our efforts is the presence of our constant clients. They give us the motivation to develop more and more each day.

The quality of our products and our clients’ approval and satisfaction are the most important goals for Ceramit!

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