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CERAMIT :: Ceramic engobes
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Ceramic engobes

All engobes, offered by us, are fluxible. They are appropriate to be used also in the temperature interval of 980-1150°С. They can be applied to wet, dry or biscuit fired wares. They could be used separately as a decorative item, or could also be glazed over. We offer them in a powder form.

A 03 980-1150 Red engobe suitable for all offered masses. Fire temperature - 980-1150°С.

A 02 980-1150 Opaque engobe suitable for all offered masses. Fire temperature -960-1100°С.

Fire-resistant engobe. It contains more than 60% Al2O3 that makes it unfusible to a temperature of over 1250°C. It protects the furniture and wares' bottomt. It does not sprinkle and could be easily removed after  firing.

The colours are possibly the closest to the real!

Colour engobes


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