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CERAMIT :: Oxide pigments
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Oxide pigments

The ferro inorganic pigments are suitable for coloring building materials, plaster, coatings,grouts, alkyd and acrylic paints, adhesives. They possess excellent light-resistance and practically does not fade away. Micronized and could be easily dispersed.

  Green   Red brown
  Ocher yellow   Black

Organic pigments

Organic pigments are used mostly for making pigment pastes for varnish and paint industry, and to color antifreeze, washer fluid, chemistry and many others. They possess excellent light-resistance.

  Red 112   Orange
  Yellow   Green
  Blue   Magenta

Pigment pastes

Pigment pastes are mainly used for dyeing acrylic, polymer, alkyd, etc.. paints, as well as to color antifreeze, washer fluid, chemistry and others. They are manufactured in two basic types - water-based, coloring water-based paints, and water-based which are suitable for coloring water-based paints as well as solvent paints. Each of the pastes has a maximum concentration of pigment. They possess excellent light-resistance.

  Red   Orange
  Yellow   Green
  Blue   Magenta
  Oxide green   Oxide red
  Oxide yellow   Oxide Black
  White rutile    

Titanium oxide (TiO)

- rutile
- anatas

*The used coloures are conventionals!

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